10 Creative Ways to Hide Common Household Eyesores



Most of us put a lot of love and care into the details of our home. From the perfect paint color to the most comfortable, stylish sofa, there’s a lot we can control about the space we live in. But inevitably, there are functional eyesores that can be hard to wrap your brain around. What can you do with that ugly modem ruining your living room? And how can you hide the kitty litter so that your pet can find it but it’s not visible to everyone else?

These are questions a lot of us have mulled over, but the solutions aren’t as difficult as you’d think. Sometimes it just takes a little creative thinking and some DIY—or shopping—skills. And the best part is, these solutions don’t always cost a lot of money. Whether it’s simply sprucing up your appliances with a bit of decorative tape or concealing your flat screen TV behind a piece of art, there’s so much you can do to improve your living space.

So if you are looking for some creative ideas to hide some of the most common household eyesores, you came to the right place. Scroll down for 15 ways that you can transform your home and keep it looking sleek and organized.

Looking for ways to cover eyesores up with eye-catching design? Take a look at these easy tips and tricks.


Put your modem or cable box behind a set of “books”

Books to Conceal Modem or Router



Float your books on an invisible shelf

Floating Bookshelves


Let your full-length mirror be your jewelry organizer

Wall Mounted Mirror Jewelry Cabinet



Tuck cables in a basket under your desk…

Basket to Organize Cables Under Desk


…or organize them in a stylish box

Bamboo Box to Organize Cables

Transform drab flooring with peel and stick tiles


Peel and Stick Floor Tile


Move the kitty litter inside a sleek cabinet

Kitty Litter Bench

Tuck the dog bowls into a drawer

Pet Feeding Station


Pour products into stylish bottles

Stylish Pump Bottles